Monday 7 December 2015

rainy days


Don't try this at home...
The unexpected downpours over the last few days have slowed our progress down a little and we have been busy organising and installing tarps. We were a little worried about our subfloor, as we didn't choose a marine-grade type ply. So we decided to "stay and defend" during the bad weather, which meant quite a bit of mopping.

We still managed to build the framing for our bay windows and to install most rafters last week, as well as building our scaffolding. We will be back on site on Wednesday. Until then we will need to figure out some more details regarding our building envelope. We still haven't decided whether to put our bracing on the inside or the outside of our timber frame. Easy accessibility to install plumbing, wiring and installation if putting it on the outside vs. increased airtightness and reduced potential condensation issues with the bracing ply on the inside... we keep going backwards and forwards between the two options.

Here are some pictures that sum up the last week pretty well.
These will be our bay windows!
Thinking about a roof-top pool...