Saturday 28 November 2015

frames and walls

We've spent the last week framing our walls and it's been a huge learning curve. The second-hand nail gun made things a lot easier than nailing frames together by hand. 

We used H2 MGP10, 90x35mm pine at
a 450mm stud spacing for almost all of
our frame parts
Our timber delivery arrived - and
got rained on straight away. 

We've bought a second-hand framing gun and it's the bomb!
Our first two frames still felt a little wobbly after adding the noggins. A builder at a little local hardware shop recommended the type 17 bugle batten screws. We've become a huge fan of them!! They improved the integrity of our frames significantly, so we went on by pinning the frames together with the nail gun and then adding some bugle screws. 

Skew-screwing a bugle screw
into a noggin

A type 17, self drilling bugle screw

We also used double sided stud ties on some of the studs to account for uplift forces that our tiny house might experience. After all, we are building our tiny house to (hopefully!) withstand high wind loads and earth-quake like conditions during moving.

Stud ties
Double-sided stud tie connecting
a stud to a bottom plate

A bushfire came a little too close for comfort 
Tabea is turning into a badass carpenter!
We divided the long sides into three seperate frames, for easier installation
We worked off the section cuts from our SketchUp model to build
each individual frame

Next, we will be putting the frames together and raising the walls!


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