Wednesday 11 November 2015

the trailer is here!

Our trailer arrived today! Hooray! It all went surprisingly smoothly and the trailer is so well balanced that we can still manoeuvre it by hand, if we put some weight on the back. We are really happy with the way the trailer turned out. Our trailer builder did an amazing job and everything from the welds to lights, breakaway device and wheels looks fantastic!
We'll clean up the site a bit more tomorrow, get it into the right spot, level it, and we will be ready to go. Exciting times ahead!

This is it!
An old rusty pole belonging to an obsolete clothesline
had to be moved to make way for the trailer. 
Almost in the right spot! We may have to prune back the tree a little
but we'll appreciate every inch of shade we can get over the next few months.


  1. So So So excited for you two!! :-)

  2. hey guys, just found you through your gumtree ad looking for stuff. awesome!!! can you share where you got your trailer and how much, and a bit more about your budget planning stage. :)

    1. Hi Catherine, we got our trailer from Euro Industries in Wangara. They've built a few tiny house trailers by now and price really depends on size / material / axle ratings / galvanised or painted etc, so it's best to get in touch with Todd directly :) Our budget planning is an ongoing process and at this stage we made sure to include the most essential things such as the trailer, the framing timber and sheet bracing, the roof and flashings, the house wrap and tapes, the external door and windows, and the cladding. We might then add other things such as solar panels, a little wood stove, an openable skylight and maybe even an aircon down the track as we get more funds :)