Friday 16 October 2015

books, blogs and more books

At the moment it's lots and lots and loooots of background reading for us. Thank goodness for inter-library loans. Even our librarians are getting excited about the tiny house project now!

"Tiny Homes Simple Shelter" by Lloyd Kahn is my favourite coffee-table book out of the lot. So many projects to explore in there, and quite often he provides the websites or contacts from the original builders. "Tiny House Floor Plans" by Michael Janzen was a little disappointing to be honest. I had seen it advertised quite a lot on other tiny house blogs but for me it was of little help. Lots of floor plans in there obviously, though no innovative ideas, no comments on the pros and cons of those floor plans and no measurements provided. It looked like he just had a play with an interior design app. 
"The Australian House Building Manual" by Allan Stains provides a great general overview of building and framing and will come in handy I think. We might buy the latest edition, as the library one seems a little old. 

Another document we have been finding quite useful is - surprise, surprise - the Australian Timber Framing Standard (AS 1684). Though some of the information may not apply to tiny houses, it got us thinking about what wind loads our home will need to withstand when towing it and how to brace it and tie it down accordingly. So far we've settled on something between level N2 and N3, which corresponds to building safely for windspeeds between 120 and 180 kph.

We'll keep you posted on more resources that we come across. Feel free to add any that you have found helpful, interesting or inspiring in the comments!


  1. Thank you for sharing your resources!!! I have been a little unsure on where to start with my research! BTW... love the 3D model and I think it looks great :) Not that I am an expert xoxoxo

  2. Great it helps, Jodie! We will update the 'links' section soon, with resources we've found particularly helpful so far.