Saturday 10 October 2015

looking for land

There is a massive backyard and a decent size workshop in our current share house. However, we can't build our tiny house on wheels in our backyard, as the house we live in was built stupidly close to the neighbouring properties. Well... we could, but we wouldn't be able to get it out once finished. So we had to start looking for a place to build.

We circulated some ads looking for land via emails, facebook, flyers and local noticeboards. The amount of positive feedback and offers for both help and land we received from friends and strangers left us completely humbled. We thought it would be near impossible to find a place, but after a couple of weeks we had a good handful of offers. Faith in humanity restored! 

We looked at places from Yanchep to Chittering, one more beautiful than the other. When we stopped at a little shop on our way home to ask whether we could put up our ad, the lovely lady behind the checkout said: 

"Just build it here, I'll show you, it's perfect!

How awesome! 

After much umming and aaahing we decided to accept her offer, as the shop is a) the place closest to us and b) they have an industrial licence which means we can make some noise. It was one of the hardest decisions we ever had to make, as everyone we visited to look at their land was so generous and genuinely wanted to help us. We thought it would take months and months to find a place and all of a sudden so many people were interested in our tiny house project and we didn't even have a plan for our tiny house yet. Better get started!

One of the lovely properties we
were offered in the Perth hills

This is the site we've picked, in the backyard of a little shop

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