Saturday 3 October 2015

our history of tiny homes on wheels

'Lord Raglan' - our first van back in New Zealand in 2008
We first fell in love with the idea of a tiny home on wheels in 2008, when we bought our first van after arriving in New Zealand. We fitted it out and travelled the country in it for nearly a year. The original plan was to return home to Germany after that, however we had both caught the travel bug and found ourselves living in Australia in a very similar van only a few weeks later. He was our steady companion for a good couple of years.

Our second van (2009-2012), tucked away
at a lovely camping spot in Tasmania

In 2008 it turned out that we were going to stay put for a few years, so we decided to treat ourselves and refurbished an old caravan, which was our humble abode for the next couple of years in the East Kimberley.

Our old caravan looking all lonely. It got a lot more
crowded during tourist season though!

When it was time to move on again, we travelled down the coast of Western Australia in the "Silver Bullet". It felt like we were selling our soul when we traded it in for a fuel-efficient little city car once we got to Perth. 

After two years in lovely share houses in Perth we feel like it is the right time to take the next step and build our own little house. On wheels :)

The "Silver Bullet", in which we explored Western Australia

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