Sunday 25 October 2015

bracing/racking issues

We realised that our latest design was insufficiently braced against racking because the bay in the front of the house was basically one large opening that could not be sheet-braced. So we re-visited our model and after lots of going backwards and forwards with our ideas (steel frame instead of timber frame? scrap the bay-view window and go for the "box" look?) we decided on the following:

1) We made the windows at the shorter sides much smaller so we didn't have to break between horizontal stud lines;
2) we added knee-braces below our two lofts;
3) we included some trusses below the raised floor to act as down-braces as well as a support for this sitting area;
4) the dividing wall to the bathroom will be sheet-braced instead of lined with tongue-and groove pine;
5) we increased the sheet-braced area above the bay-view window and decided to use thicker material to sheet-brace the two smaller walls.

Here it is, let send us a message if you have any feedback :)

... and thanks to everyone in the "Tiny House People" facebook group and also to our friend Robert for your suggestions and inspirations!

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